Monday, November 7, 2011

Comma seperated values (SQL)

This code generates comma separated values for an entity having multiple values. i.e. Multiple rows into a single row data value (comma seperated).
Found this code very useful for data validations in datawarehouse and thought of sharing this.
Here is the code snippet 

Create Table #TempData (EmployeeName Varchar(50), EmployeeNickName Varchar(50))

Insert Into #TempData Values('Vinuthan','VB')
Insert Into #TempData Values('Vinuthan','Vinu')
Insert Into #TempData Values('Vinuthan','Newton')

Insert Into #TempData Values('Venus','Ven')
Insert Into #TempData Values('Venus','Vens')

 Query to get comma seperated values
                                SELECT ',' + EmployeeNickName  FROM
                                 #TempData a WHERE b.EmployeeName = a.EmployeeName  FOR XML PATH('')
  ) EmployeeNickName
 FROM  #TempData b


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